Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Chickadees are very funny and great to photograph. Riverwood Park is great for photographing chickadees. Yesterday was a great day and it was really funny to have a chickadee land on my head and hop around

Friday, January 29, 2010


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My work at Front and Portland is a great place to take closeup photos of sparrows. They are not shy of human beings and you can get very close without scaring them away. They are little urbanites. Shooting sparrows in an urban environment is interesting and different. During the spring season you can get good shots of baby sparrows that nest in my building. a blurred background gives a nice photo

Perch Selection

merlin_0678, originally uploaded by gashphoto.

It is funny how you learn new things. When I started photography I never thought of perch selection. Now you need to think of where the bird is , what the bird is perched on , what the background is and the more you control all those things the better the photo. Wow so much to think about. This is a rather proud merlin from Mountsberg Raptor Centre again from the Ray Barlow workshop I went on

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bald Eagle Portrait

eagleportrait_9920, originally uploaded by gashphoto.

When I go to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre in Campellville Ontario Canada I love to see the eagles and take closeups of these magnificent birds. This is a wonderful place to get wonderful closeups of Bald Eagles. The eyes are so wonderful


kittenlesbaux_4650, originally uploaded by gashphoto.

This is a picuture of a kitten from Les Baux de Provence France. I was thinking of entering this in an art sale at Riverwood Park over Valentines Day

Barred Owl

barredOwl_0488, originally uploaded by gashphoto.

Photo of a Barred Owl from Ray Barlow's Workshop at MountsBerg Raptor Centre

Start of My Photo Blog

Went to Ray Barlow's Photography Workshop last Saturday at Mounstberg Raptor Centre at Mountsberg Conservation Area near Campellville Ontario